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like Mandera and Isiolo in 〓the north, and Tharaka Nithi in central Kenya, were a〓ttacked again after aerial chemical pesticides sprayi〓ng. Although the government has sprayed pesticide and〓 other chemicals on a wide range of areas in order to〓 curb the locust outbreak, at least 18 of Kenya's 47 〓counties were affected. Kello Harsama, the administra〓tive secretary heading the State Department for Crop 〓DeveX



lopment under Kenya's Ministry of Agriculture, sa〓id the government will work with the FAO to train 600〓 chemical spraying personnel. "Aerial spraying of the〓 pesticide in the last two months is yet to achieve d〓esired results, thus we need to devise innovative str〓ategies like the use of the trainees, farmers and ext〓ension workers to conduct ground spraying starting wi〓th northern counties of Isiolo, Marsabit, Turkana and〓 Wajir," he said. "My crops had done well following t〓he heavy rains and I was looking forward to a bumper 〓harvest but then the locusts came and ate away my hop〓e," Beatrice Ngari, a farmer in Embu, central Kenya, 〓told Xinhua. But Ngari was unaware that it is also th〓e predicament of many farmers across Kenya, SO

omalia, 〓Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Sudan and Uganda. The rains〓 between October and January served to provide a favo〓rable environment for locusts tl

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